Free Projects

Bears in the Woods by Hilary Bobker
Bears in the Woods
@ And It Was Sew
Featuring the On The Lake Collection by Whistler Studios
91" x 102-1/2"
Bet Your Lucky Stars by John Kubiniec of Big Rig Quilting
Bet Your Lucky Stars
Featuring Ascot Collection by Whistler Studios
58" x 71"
Wine & Roses by Jean Katherine Smith
Wine & Roses
Featuring the Abby Collection by Whistler Studios
Prairie Glass Squared by Jessica Levitt
Prairie Glass Squared
Featuring fabrics from Kingdom by Jessica Levitt for Windham Fabrics
57" x 57"
“nursery time” by Erin Witt Designs
“nursery time”
Featuring the Kit N' Kaboodle Collection from Whistler Studios
Featuring 3 fabrics from NEW! Windham Flannel Basics
44" x 44"
My Little Pony by Erin Witt Designs
My Little Pony
Featuring the Kit N' Kaboodle Collection by Whistler Studios
54" x 54"
Kaboom! by Katherine Wagar Wright
Featuring the Rocky & Bullwinkle Collection by Bullwinkle Studios
52" x 52"
Alexandra's Stars by Petra Prins
Alexandra's Stars
Featuring the Alexandra Collection by Mary Koval
65" x 81"
A Splash Of Red by Hilary Bobker
A Splash Of Red
© And It Was Sew
Featuring the Indigo and Katherine Collection by Nancy Gere™
52" x 72"
Katherine's Garden by Jean Katherine Smith
Katherine's Garden
Featuring the Katherine Collection by Nancy Gere™
80" x 80"
Mod Blossoms by Sue Pickering
Mod Blossoms
Featuring the Blossom Collection by Whistler Studios
63" x 85"
Drama! Drama! Drama! by Hilary Bobker
Drama! Drama! Drama!
@ And It Was Sew
Featuring the Urban Cosmos Collection by Prima
50" x 50"
Trellis by Amy Walsh
Featuring the Divine collection by Rosemarie Lavin
60" x 63"
Hope by Jill Reicks
Featuring the Fight Like a Girl Collection by Whistler Studios
60" x 75"
Elegance In Black & White by Jean Katherine Smith
Elegance In Black & White
Featuring the Fleur Noir Collection by Rosemarie Lavin
64" x 64"
Nature's Call by Amy Walsh
Nature's Call
Featuring the Call of the Wild Collection by Whistler Studios
48" x 48"
Nap Time in the Bunk House by Sue Pickering
Nap Time in the Bunk House
Featuring the Paperdoll Cowboy Collection by Whistler Studios
Bunk Bed Quilt Size: 54" x 81"
Chelsea Gardens by Hilary Bobker
Chelsea Gardens
Featuring the Chelsea Collection by Whistler Studios
55" x 73"
Indigo Nights by Betty New
Indigo Nights
Featuring the Indigo Collection by Nancy Gere™
62.5" x 68.5"
The Knight's Quarters by Bethany Fuller of Grace's Dowry Quilts
The Knight's Quarters
Featuring the Randolph Collection from Colonial Williamsburg
46" x 46"