Free Projects

Rebecca Quilt by Annemarie Yohnk
Rebecca Quilt
of Quilts Remembered
Featuring the Rebecca Collection by Mary Koval
54" x 54"
Green With Envy by Jackie Kunkel
Green With Envy
of Canton Village Quilt Works
Featuring the Day For Night Collection by Rosemarie Lavin Design
70" x 77"
Blue and Brown Star Quilt by Julie Hendrickson
Blue and Brown Star Quilt
Featuring the History Repeated Book 1 Collection by Julie Hendrickson
68 1/2" x 85 1/2"
Storybook Explosion by Whistler Studios
Storybook Explosion
Featuring the Storybook Classics circa 1930's Collection by Whistler Studios
97" x 112"
Speedway by Whistler Studios
Featuring the Retro Rider Collection by Rosemarie Lavin Design
41" x 51 3/4"
Bobo's Crazy Adventure by George and Linda Wheeler
Bobo's Crazy Adventure
Featuring the Socky Collection by Whistler Studios
48 1/2" x 66 1/2"
Flying High by Jean Katherine Smith
Flying High
Featuring the Chloe Collection by Color Bakery
75" x 75"
Typeface by Heather Jones
Featuring the Type Collection by Julia Rothman
52" x 68"
Rebecca's Lone Star by Mary Koval
Rebecca's Lone Star
Featuring the Rebecca Collection by Mary Koval
48" x 48"
Crossroads by Siobhan Rogers
Featuring the Phoebe Collection by Another Point of View
70.5" x 88"
Colonial Sunrise by Karen Witt
Colonial Sunrise
of Reproduction Quilts
Featuring the New Colonies Circa 1830-1890 by Nancy Gere
70" x 70"
Up With The Chickens by Larene Smith
Up With The Chickens
of The Quilted Button
2012 Copyright All Rights Reserved
Featuring the Down on the Farm Collection by Whistler Studios
43" x 57"
School Days by LB Krueger
School Days
Featuring the Homeschool Collection by LB Krueger
55" x 62.5"
ABC Log Cabin by LB Krueger
ABC Log Cabin
Featuring the Homeschool Collection by LB Krueger
42" x 45"
Whispers of Home by Jean Katherine Smith
Whispers of Home
Featuring the Gazebo Collection by Valorie Evers Wenk
60" x 78"
Finnegan's Big Idea by Bethany Fuller
Finnegan's Big Idea
of Grace's Dowry Quilts
Featuring the Toy Tales Collection by Melanie Dekker
65" x 55"
Baby Pinups by Jean Katherine Smith
Baby Pinups
Featuring the Baby Buddies Collection by Whistler Studios
38" x 42"
Bear Paws by Jean Katherine Smith
Bear Paws
Featuring the Cabin Fever Flannel Collection by Whistler Studios
50" x 60"
Forget Me Not by Chloe Anderson & Colleen Raele
Forget Me Not
Featuring the Aster Collection by Williamsburg
63" x 75"
Books & Letters E-Readers by Whistler Studios
Books & Letters E-Readers
Featuring the Books & Letters Collection by Whistler Studios