Free Projects

Dreams and Stars by Wendy Sheppard
Dreams and Stars
53 x 69
Sun Queen by Natalie Crabtree
Sun Queen
66 x 66
Star Struck by Natalie Crabtree
Star Struck
69 x 69
Imagination by Natalie Crabtree
89 x 89
Graffiti Hearts by Stacey Day
Graffiti Hearts
64 x 80
Craft Buddy (Quilt & Pillow) by Natalie Crabtree
Craft Buddy (Quilt & Pillow)
Quilt: 34 x 39 | Pillow: 25 x 25
My Favorite Things by Natalie Crabtree
My Favorite Things
60 x 60
Afternoon Tea by Wendy Sheppard
Afternoon Tea
74 x 74
Tea Time (My Cup of Tea) by Eat, Sleep, Quilt!
Tea Time (My Cup of Tea)
36 x 36
On the Trail by Lisa Swenson Ruble
On the Trail
60 x 75
Ring Around the Daisy by Heidi Pridemore
Ring Around the Daisy
54 x 54
Elephant Sighting by Natalie Crabtree
Elephant Sighting
60 x 60
Nature Walk by Stacey Day
Nature Walk
54 x 65
Happy Campers by Eat, Sleep, Quilt!
Happy Campers
50 x 50
Sweet as Honey by Wendy Sheppard
Sweet as Honey
85 x 85
All That Glitters by Wendy Sheppard
All That Glitters
80-1/2 x 80-1/2
Changing Gears by Heidi Pridemore
Changing Gears
46 x 37