Free Projects

Blue Starburst by Jean Smith and Sue Pickering
Blue Starburst
Featuring the Celestial collection by Whistler Studios
58 x 58"
Lodge Windows by Hilary Bobker
Lodge Windows
of And It Was Sew
Featuring the Postcards from the Lodge collection by Whistler Studios
67 x 67"
All Wrapped Up by Amy Gibson
All Wrapped Up
of Stitchery Dickory Dock
Featuring the Holiday Magic collection by Whistler Studios
55.5 x 66.5
Quilters Rock by Tia Curtis
Quilters Rock
Featuring the Born to Quilt collection by Another Point of View
42 x 42
Blue Rose Hollow by Susan McDermott
Blue Rose Hollow
Featuring the Shenandoah Valley Collection by Nancy Gere
85 x 85
Chalkboard Cheer Stocking by Whistler Studios
Chalkboard Cheer Stocking
Featuring the Chalkboard Christmas Collection by Melissa Ybarra for Iza Pearl Design
18 1/2
Lamppost Wall-hanging by Bethany Fuller
Lamppost Wall-hanging
of Grace's Dowry Quilts
Featuring the Raven collection by Rosmarie Lavin
33 x 45"
Christmas Charmer Tree Skirt by Annie
Christmas Charmer Tree Skirt
by Annie
Interpreted from a free tutorial on ! Sew we quilt
Featuring the Chalkboard Christmas collection by Iza Pearl Design
Cat Crate Quilt by Whistler Studios
Cat Crate Quilt
Featuring the Rescue Me Collection by Whistler Studios
17" x 25 1/2"
Cabana Lane by Erin Schlosser
Cabana Lane
Schlosser Designs
Featuring the Swim Team collection by Dinara Mirtapilova
19 x 29"
Let's Play by John Kubinec
Let's Play
Featuring the Storybook: Playtime collection
64 x 76"
Have a Heart Tote by Whistler Studios
Have a Heart Tote
Featuring the Rescue Me collection by Whistler Studios
14 x 17"
An Elegant Arrangement by Hilary Bobker
An Elegant Arrangement
of And It Was Sew
Featuring the Holiday Elegance collection by Whistler Studios
54 x 54"
Ava's Garden by Kristy Daum
Ava's Garden
Featuring the Ava collection by Whistler Studios
66 x 79"
Ava's Secret by Kristy Daum
Ava's Secret
Featuring the Ava collection by Whistler Studios
64 x 64"
Road to Storybook by Ann Wanke
Road to Storybook
Featuring the Storybook collection by Whistler Studios
60 x 72"
Notepook & iPad Covers by Whistler Studios
Notepook & iPad Covers
Featuring the Educators Collection by Whistler Studios
Flying Stars by Rebecca Roach
Flying Stars
of Frybread Quilts
Featuring Ninjas Don't Sweat collect by Lily Gonzales-Creed
36 x 48"
Ninja Messenger Bag by Kim Place
Ninja Messenger Bag
of Dream*stitch Designs
Featuring Ninjas Don't Sweat collect by Lily Gonzales-Creed
12 high x 15 wide x 4 deep
Flying Pig by Lily Gonzales-Creed
Flying Pig
Featuring the Farm to Fork collection by Lily Gonzales-Creed