Free Projects

Falling In Love by Stacey Day
Falling In Love
55" x 65"
Facets by Wendy Sheppard
72-1/4" x 96-1/4"
On the Town Shopper by LJ Simon
On the Town Shopper
15 1/2" x 16" x 4"
Elemental by Kristy Daum
54 x 54
You're Invited by Heidi Pridemore
You're Invited
59" x 59"
Eternity by Heidi Pridemore
39 1/2" x 39 1/2"
Among the Stars by Bethany Fuller
Among the Stars
50" x 62"
Close Encounters by Heidi Pridemore
Close Encounters
66" x 76"
My Outer Space Buddy by Debby Kratovil
My Outer Space Buddy
27" x 27"
Inspiration Board by Lish Dorset
Inspiration Board
53 x 74
Aria by Suzy Quilts
50 x 65
Farm Babies Pillows by Casey York
Farm Babies Pillows
16" x 16"
Sunset Star by Felice Regina
Sunset Star
56 x 56
Northern Lights by Felice Regina
Northern Lights
60" x 72"
Night Bunnies by Stephanie Kendron
Night Bunnies
64" x 64"
Fanny's Windmill by L'Atelier Perdu
Fanny's Windmill
58 x 58
The Blue and the Grey by Jill Reid
The Blue and the Grey
67 x 67
Paw Prints (Dogs) by Casey York
Paw Prints (Dogs)
60 x 70
Paw Prints (Cats) by Casey York
Paw Prints (Cats)
60 x 70