Free Projects

Sky High by Heidi Pridemore
Sky High
64 x 78
Checkerboard Square by Heidi Pridemore
Checkerboard Square
52 x 67
Under the Sea by Heidi Pridemore
Under the Sea
44 x 55.5
Schooling by Casey York
60 x 70
Hope (Anything is Possible) by Wendy Sheppard
Hope (Anything is Possible)
61.5 x 61.5
Choose Hope by Hilary Bobker
Choose Hope
60 x 60
Still Chasing the Cure by Hilary Bobker
Still Chasing the Cure
57 x 82
Anna's Blooms by Bethany Fuller
Anna's Blooms
70 x 70
Coiffure by Casey York
60 x 64
Sparkle Pop by Stacey Day
Sparkle Pop
56 x 66
Baubles by Stacey Day
48 x 60
The Generals by Karen Witt
The Generals
60 x 60
Feedsack by Heidi Pridemore
60 x 80
Partition by Kristy Daum
60 x 72
Expansion by Kristy Daum
60 x 72
Spiral Bound by Kristy Daum
Spiral Bound
66 x 66
Animal ABC Pillows by Heidi Pridemore
Animal ABC Pillows
Star Bright by Wendy Sheppard
Star Bright
39 x 45
A Storybook Christmas by Wendy Sheppard
A Storybook Christmas
39 x 50
Holiday Forest by Wendy Sheppard
Holiday Forest
66 x 72