Free Projects

Isadora by Diane Nagel
51 x 51
Trellis by Wendy Sheppard
81.5 x 93.5
Ascension by Wendy Sheppard
82 x 82
Deer Head Floor Pillow by Whistler Studios
Deer Head Floor Pillow
24 x 24
Fancy Flock by Stacey Day
Fancy Flock
57 x 57
Farm Babies by Casey York
Farm Babies
66 x 70
Down on the Farm by Bethany Fuller
Down on the Farm
55 x 55
Wishing Well by Wendy Sheppard
Wishing Well
42.5 x 55.5
One Spring Day Pillowcase by L'Atelier Perdu
One Spring Day Pillowcase
16 x 24
Fruit Bowls by Wendy Sheppard
Fruit Bowls
62 x 72
ABC Play Quilt by Stacey Day
ABC Play Quilt
53 x 60
Butterfly Appliqué and Embroidery Pillow by Victoria Johnson
Butterfly Appliqué and Embroidery Pillow
16 x 16
Butterfly by Lisa DeBee Schiller
30 x 36"
Jungle Babies by Casey York
Jungle Babies
65 x 75