Free Projects

Tulip Garden by Wendy Sheppard
Tulip Garden
96 x 96
Christmas Song by Diane Nagle
Christmas Song
62 x 62
Christmas Tree Farm (A Song of Christmas) by Wendy Sheppard
Christmas Tree Farm (A Song of Christmas)
68 x 91
At The Cross (Be Mindful) by Stephanie Sheridan of Stitched Together Studios
At The Cross (Be Mindful)
57 x 67
Line By Line by Windham Fabrics
Line By Line
80 x 90
The Wishing Tree by Heidi Pridemore
The Wishing Tree
64 x 73
Canyon Creek by Natalie Crabtree
Canyon Creek
81 x 78
Cuddle With Me Quilt by Heidi Pridemore
Cuddle With Me Quilt
63 x 79
Mazys Garden by Wendy Sheppard
Mazys Garden
88-1/2 x 88-1/2
Prismatic by Heidi Pridemore
67 x 67
Space Explorer by Heidi Pridemore
Space Explorer
44 x 56
Fresh Catch Table Set by Heidi Pridemore
Fresh Catch Table Set
Runner: 48 x 16 | Mat: 15 x 12
Sail Away by Debby Kratovil
Sail Away
47.5 x 47.5
Quilters Studio by Natalie Crabtree
Quilters Studio
69 x 69
Fun With Fabric by Debby Kratovil
Fun With Fabric
58 x 58
Sunshine & Shadow by Diane Nagle
Sunshine & Shadow
66 x 80
Annies House by Wendy Sheppard
Annies House
60 x 72
Zoeys Happy Garden by Debby Kratovil
Zoeys Happy Garden
48 x 48
Rose Tea by Natalie Crabtree
Rose Tea
73 x 85