Free Projects

Eternity by Heidi Pridemore
39 1/2" x 39 1/2"
Among the Stars by Bethany Fuller
Among the Stars
Close Encounters by Heidi Pridemore
Close Encounters
My Outer Space Buddy by Debby Kratovil
My Outer Space Buddy
Inspiration Board by Lish Dorset
Inspiration Board
53 x 74
Aria by Suzy Quilts
50 x 65
Farm Babies Pillows by Casey York
Farm Babies Pillows
16" x 16"
Sunset Star by Felice Regina
Sunset Star
56 x 56
Northern Lights by Felice Regina
Northern Lights
60" x 72"
Night Bunnies by Stephanie Kendron
Night Bunnies
64" x 64"
Fanny's Windmill by L'Atelier Perdu
Fanny's Windmill
58 x 58
The Blue and the Grey by Jill Reid
The Blue and the Grey
67 x 67
Paw Prints (Dogs) by Casey York
Paw Prints (Dogs)
60 x 70
Paw Prints (Cats) by Casey York
Paw Prints (Cats)
60 x 70
Dog Love by Heidi Pridemore
Dog Love
64 x 76
Cat Love by Heidi Pridemore
Cat Love
64 x 76
Cone Toss by Stacey Day
Cone Toss
64 x 84
Caution! by Lori Hein
36 x 42
Santa's Toyland by Lori Hein
Santa's Toyland
64 x 64