Free Projects

Rocky Road by Jeanne Horton
Rocky Road

Featuring The American Spirit Collection by Jeanne Horton

82" x 84 1/2"
Evening Rose by Betty New
Evening Rose
Featuring the Parlor Collection by Whistler Studios
78.5" x 78.5"
Autumn Leaves Placemats by Erin Witt Designs
Autumn Leaves Placemats
Featuring The Autumn Leaves Collection by Rosemarie Lavin
18" x 13"
Jane's Baskets by Karen Witt of Reproduction Quilts
Jane's Baskets
Featuring The Dear Jane II Collection by Brenda Papadakis
66 1/2" x 66 1/2"
Poinsettia Promenade by Betty New
Poinsettia Promenade

Featuring The Mistletoe Collection by Rosemarie Lavin

74.5" x 74.5"
American Spirit by Jeanne Horton
American Spirit

Featuring the American Spirit Collection by Jeanne Horton

87 1/2" x 98 3/4"
Recliner Quilt by Karen Witt of Reproduction Quilts
Recliner Quilt

Featuring the Into the Woods Collection by Whistler Studios

56" x 80"
The Queen's China by Bethany Fuller of Grace's Dowry Quilts
The Queen's China
Featuring the Wedgewood Collection by Whistler Studios
70" x 70"
Birds Take Flight by Erin Witt Designs
Birds Take Flight
Featuring Morning Mist Collection by Whistler Studios
66" x 66"
Manchester Rose by Karen Witt of Reproduction Quilts
Manchester Rose
Featuring the Manchester Collection by Nancy Gere
55 1/2" x 55 1/2"
Fairfield County Fair by Lisa DeBee Schiller
Fairfield County Fair
Featuring the Fairfield Collection by Lisa DeBee Schiller
76" x 76"
Le Chien by Hilary Bobker
Le Chien
Featuring the Bon Vivant Collection by Paige Stanley Miller
Falling Leaves by Erin Witt Designs
Falling Leaves
Featuring The Autumn Leaves Collection by Rosemarie Lavin
50" x 50"
Embroidered Garden by Erin Witt Designs
Embroidered Garden
Featuring The Embroidered Garden Collection by Katie McRostie for Williamsburg
63" x 63"
Lions In The Field by Jean Ann Wright
Lions In The Field
Featuring The Farmer Fancy Collection in association with the National Museum of the American Coverelet
68" x 84"
A Pleasantdale Picnic by Hilary Bobker
A Pleasantdale Picnic
Featuring the Pleasantdale Collection by Whistler Studios
75" Square Tablecloth/Blanket
Liberty Dance by Maria Tavy Umhey
Liberty Dance
Featuring the Devon Shirtings Collection by Nancy Gere™
50" x 50"
Berry Good Cocktail Apron by Irene Berry
Berry Good Cocktail Apron
Featuring the Strawberry Picnic Collection by Whistler Studios
Prim Roses by Petra Prins
Prim Roses
Featuring the Victorian Rose Collection by Mary Koval
67 1/2" x 67 1/2"
Hand Picked by Irene Berry
Hand Picked
Featuring the Strawberry Picnic Collection by Whistler Studios
46" x 60"