Free Projects

Homestead Life Yardage Charts by Various Designers
Homestead Life Yardage Charts
Pottery Yardage Charts by Various Designers
Pottery Yardage Charts
Horizon Yardage Charts by Various Designers
Horizon Yardage Charts
Wish Yardage Charts by Various Designers
Wish Yardage Charts
Take Flight by Natalie Crabtree
Take Flight
65 x 65
Winter Village by Stacey Day
Winter Village
60 x 72
Skeleton Dance by Christine Stainbrook
Skeleton Dance
50 x 60
Tis the Season (Comfort & Joy) by Wendy Sheppard
Tis the Season (Comfort & Joy)
71 x 83
Merry and Bright (Comfort & Joy) by Diane Nagle
Merry and Bright (Comfort & Joy)
57 x 69
Forest Tracks by Wendy Sheppard
Forest Tracks
82-1/2 x 91-1/2
Stonehouse Garden by Wendy Sheppard
Stonehouse Garden
78 x 82
Blue Cluster by Wendy Sheppard
Blue Cluster
101 x 101
Peace, Hope, Joy by Wendy Sheppard
Peace, Hope, Joy
67 x 79
My Favorite Stars by Natalie Crabtree
My Favorite Stars
68 x 83-3/4
Hey, Hey USA by Debby Kratovil
Hey, Hey USA
60 x 81
Story Petals by Lisa Swenson Ruble
Story Petals
60 x 75
Book Nook by Lisa Swenson Ruble
Book Nook
48 x 48
Housetop 9 Block Variation by Debby Kratovil
Housetop 9 Block Variation
66 x 73
Art School by Christine Stainbrook
Art School
63 x 81