Free Projects

Paisley Splash by MY❤KT
Paisley Splash
by MY❤KT
Myiesha & Katie
Written by Laura Jaquinto
Featuring the Raj Collection by French Bull
22 1/2" x 33 1/2"
Glimma Tote by Laura Jaquinto
Glimma Tote
Featuring the Glimma CANVAS Collection by Lotta Jansdotter
16 1/2" tall 17 1/2" wide 3" deep
Old Time A,B,Cs by Laura Jaquinto
Old Time A,B,Cs
Featuring fabric from the Williamsburg Sampler collection from Colonial Williamsburg
Wild West with Buffalo Bill by Laura Jaquinto
Wild West with Buffalo Bill
Featuring fabric from the Buffalo Bill collection in association with the Buffalo Bill Historical Center