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Prim Roses

by Petra Prins
Prim Roses by Petra Prins
67 1/2" x 67 1/2"
There was an omission to some of the instructions on the first copies of this quilt project that were sent out. The pattern on the website has been corrected.

Please note the following:

January 19, 2011

First page

Center Appliqué: Cut for the center .......... Use for the appliqué pattern the fat eighths for the flowers, 32055-5 for the vase and 32050-3 for the leaves and stems.

Page 2

Fourth border: Cut from 32054-1 sixty eight (68) 1⅞” x 1⅞” squares, thirty six (36) 3½” x 3½” squares twice diagonal and eight (8) .............
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